The Glass Frontier's highly trained technicians use two main techniques for window cleaning. The first, known as "traditional technique," is what's used on all interior windows, as well as any exterior windows that show signs of heavy debris. We use environmentally friendly soap and water, extremely fine steel wool, lint-free rags, and for those hard to remove spots a razor blade.


The second technique uses a Pure Water System. A 3 step filter, water gets fed through a carbon sediment filter, a reverse osmosis filter, and finally a deionization filter. After being filtered, water is supplied straight from the filtration system and onto your windows via a water fed pole of up to 40ft. Pure Water attracts the dirt away from the glass with no need for scrubbing. Once your windows are cleaned with a water-fed pole and Pure Water, they are left to dry naturally, as there is no soapy residue or water impurities that could form unsightly smears on the newly washed glass.


Included in the window cleaning is your screens, wiping down of the frames, and visible tracts.  Deep cleaning of tracts is an additional fee. 


Every clean comes with a 7-day guarantee. Notice any spots, streaks, or windows that show missed areas, let us know, and a technician will be sent to care of it. 

Weather-beaten Roof

Roof covered in Moss, or overgrown with Ivy? Fear not we can rescue and return it to its former glory!

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Are your gutters and drains overflowing? TGF can take care of that for you.

Gutter Cleaning


Offering full light installation and decommissioning services for both Holiday and Event Lighting.

Lighting Service


Deck, driveway or walls, TGF can pressure wash it clean. 

Pressure Washing